2011 NIPPER CORNISH STILLWATER CHAMPS AT ST IVES LC -Third place overall!!!! What an excellent result! Everyone who competed did us proud, well done to you all.

21 medals in all (9 Gold, 9 Silver & 3 Bronze) – including GOLD for both the girls and boys manikin relay! Congrats to everyone – even those who did not get medals still got points and helped contribute to our overall place of third – well done everyone. A special thanks from me also go to Gaynor Symons and Tina Hughes, who helped me team manage, Isla Symons and Jenna Smitham who helped with the younger ones and also Gerard Hughes, Mr Lewis and Bethany Prisk our officials. Not to mention those who have been involved with the training, of course! Well done to you all. Traci Parker
Individual Medal winners were: – 9 yr olds: Tanni Smithan-Golds in Obstacle & Flipper race. 10 yr olds: Lily Parsons-Golds in Obstacle & Flipper race. 11 yr olds: Millie Gordon-Dunn- Silver in Manikin race; Charlie Railton-Silver in Manikin race; Steven Lewis-Bronzes in Obstacle & Flipper race. 12 yr olds: Morva Hughes- Bronze in Board race; Sophie Morris- Gold in Obstacle race & Silver in Manikin race. 13 yr olds: Isla Symons-Silver in Manikin race; Kathryn Onley-Gold in Manikin race and Silver in Obstacle race; Alex Pace- Silver in Manikin race.
Team Medal winners were: – Tube Rescue: Gold for Lily Parsons & Tanni Smitham. Board Rescue: Silver for Morva Hughes & Jenna Smitham. Manikin Relay: Gold for Kathryn Onley, Isla Symons, Sophie Morris & Morva Hughes and Gold for Liam Jolly, Alex Pace, Josh Leeds & Finn Burford. Medley Relay: Silver for Tanni Smitham, Lily Parsons, Poppy Burford & Erin Neal and Silver for Liam Jolly, Alex Pace, Josh Leeds & Finn Burford.
Other Team members were: – Georgia Morris, Lotte Davy, Mia Rule, Max Pickin,Ross Keeler, Grace Harvey, Minnie Gregory, Harley Perry, Lewis King, Matthew Railton, Esme Adams, Jasmine Cope, Jessica Davy, Niamh Symons, Archie Pickin, Ben Friday, Ethan Treloar, Jowan Bosustow, Kelsi Perry, Sophie Belert, Sam Smith, Tommy Clifford, Jodie Stephens & Jacob Friday.