Congratulations to the small team of seniors who attended the National Stillwater Championships at Cardiff on Sunday 18 April and finished in 9th place with 136 pnts out of the 15 Clubs that took part and came home with a silver medal.  Our 4 woman ladies team finished in 5th place overall with 95 pnts and our 2 man mens team in 9th place with 41 pnts.

A big thanks to Team Manager, Dan Latham and to Gerard Hughes for officiating and Kathryn Onley for acting as manikin handler.

The silver medal was won by Emily Corin and Tegen Hughes (still a Junior) in the Line Throw.

Points were gained in the following events: –

50m Manikin Carry – 9th for Tom Onley

100m Manikin Carry with Fins – 13th for Emily Corin, eq 16th for Daire Peters and 14th for Tom Onley

100m Manikin Tow with Fins – 5th for Daire Peters, 16th for Tom Onley

100m Rescue Medley – 16th for Tegen Hughes, 8th for Tom Onley

200m Super Lifesaver – 10th for Tom Onley

Obstacle Relay – 6th for the ladies (Emily Corin, Tegen Hughes, Daire Peters and Tarryn Brown)

Manikin Relay – 10th for the ladies as above

Medley Relay – 6th for the ladies as above

Lifesaver Relay (a new event) – 9th for the ladies as above

Line Throw – Silver for Emily Corin & Tegen Hughes and 6th for Tom Onley & Nick Trestrail

A full list of results can be found on the SLSGB website at

Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to Dan Latham for all his hard work in training and supporting the team.  Thank you to all the parents for their attendance and support.