Camborne Redruth & District Lions Club will be holding its 37th Annual Tide Race on the 30th August 2015 at Portreath Beach. Registration commences on the beach at 1.00 pm and digging starts at 2.30pm..ish under the supervision of the Lions’ Marshalls.
The Tide Race explanation is as follows:

There will be 4 categories. Adults, Teenagers, an ‘All Ladies’ team and Children As well as receiving a perpetual trophy the winners of each category will also receive a £25 cash prize.

The beach will be marked off in 3 lines by wooden stakes laid parallel to the incoming tide with an approximate gap of 10 meters between each section.

The children will be in the front line (the one nearest the sea), Teenagers in the middle and adults at the back.

The line that the team will be digging from is decided by the oldest member of the team. e.g. A team consisting of 2 children, 3 teenagers and one adult will dig in the back line.

Teams digging outside the designated areas will be disqualified.

At a given signal from the chief marshal digging will commence and all the teams will be attempting to build sand castles large enough to allow the whole team to stand on them.

As soon as the incoming tide touches the base of the castle then that team has to mount their castle. The winners will be the last team, judged by the marshals, to be left standing on their castle

Entry fees for this event are £1 for adults, 50p for teenagers and 30p for Children.

Do you want to enter a team??? Email Dave or Traci and they can send you the entry form.