Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Clubhouse on Friday 30 November at 7pm.

There are a number of important positions on the Commitee that will become vacant as people are standing down at that meeting.

They are: – Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Gear Steward, Press Officer, Training Officer, IRB Officer and one Nipper Officer.

Listed below is a brief description of the responsibilities of each position so that members can give there consideration to filling these vital roles within the Club.

The role of the Vice Chairman is:-

To deputise for the Chairman

The role of the Treasurer is: –

To be responsible for the clubs financial accounting. 

To maintain a bank account and in conjunction with approved Officers of the club ensure timely payment of all accounts and collection of sums due to the club.

To present at reasonable request a current statement of the clubs finances.

To make the accounts available for audit on an annual basis.

The role of the Press Officer is: – To liaise with the clubs Secretary and to undertake the arrangements for all public relations including regular press releases.

The role of the membership secretary is to:-

·         inform the membership when fees are due

·         take payments from members, providing receipts and pass them to the treasurer

·         to maintain the SLSGB membership database in respect of HAYLE SLSC members, including the inputting of membership details

·         distribute hard copies of membership cards, when necessary

·         provide membership details to HAYLE SLSC team managers, etc when required

·         to always work within the relevant data protection laws

·         report membership data to the AGM

The role of the Gear Steward is: –

The Officer responsible for the general condition of the headquarters and all club equipment.

To ensure its safety and availability at all times.

To liaise with other Officers of the club in particular the Club Captain and to organise work parties as required to carry out repairs or replacement.

To maintain an inventory of all club owned equipment regardless of where the equipment is stored. The inventory should include and approximate value and worth of each item.

The role of the IRB Officer is to:-

  • Facilitate IRB training and Exams
  • To maintain the qualified status of the IRB Drivers and Crew within Hayle
  • To maintain and where necessary repair of the IRB
  • To Maintain the engines so that they are ready for operations
  • Encourage the use of the IRB at Club sessions in the summer months
  • To ensure that only qualified or authorised persons use the IRB 
  • To provide safety cover for SLSGB events in the locality along with private cover for other local events. 
  • To report yearly performance and use to the AGM

The role of a Nipper Officer is: –

Responsible for the training and well being of the Nippers within the club. 

To keep up to date with legislation with reference to that age group and comply with the association regulations on safety.