We have finally received the results for the above comp that our Juniors attended back in February – no medals were awarded but if they had been the following individual competitors would have received one: –
Under 16 age group: Tom Onley – Gold in 75m manikin tow with fins & Silver in 75m manikin carry with fins; Nicola Russell – Silvers in 75m manikin tow with fins & 75m manikin carry with fins; Bethany Prisk-Bronze in 75m manikin tow with fins. Team Events: 4x25m Manikin Relay-Team A, Silver; 4x25m Medley Relay-Team A, Equal Gold. Both teams were mixed, if you were in those teams can you please give Alan or Carol your names as it was so long ago the Team Manager can’t remember who you were. No overall result was calculated but all our team did very well considering that most of them were well below the age of 16. They were: – Tegen Hughes, Amy Jolly, Lauren Kenchington, Bethany Mead, Daire Peters, Bethany Prisk, Nicola Russell, Charlotte Sawyer, Brittany Smaldon, Ben Jolly, Tom Onley, Nick Pearson, Jordan Roberts, Ben Rollason, Ben Tredinnick, Nick Trestrail & Matt Trewhella. A full list of the club’s results are on the notice board in the training/meeting room at our clubhouse.