Cornish Stillwater Event 2015

St Ives Swimming Pool

Saturday 14th March 2015

3.00 – 8.00pm

UPDATE 23/2/15: It was requested at the Region meeting on Thursday that the Frostbite Competition that we are holding in March is run under Competition Rules for the Youth members, with medals awarded to the first 3 places, to encourage more juniors to take part.

We have an extra hour on the time this year so will put extra events on at the end if possible.

1. Eligibility. The Stillwater Event is closed to members of Surf Life Saving GB who are members of a club affiliated to Surf Life Saving Cornwall. The event is a club event and there is a team trophy.

2. Individual Age Groups. The minimum age for this event will be Nipper/Juniors. i.e. those born in 2002 who will be 13yrs old this year.

Youth 16yrs: aged under 16 on 31st December 2014

Open : aged under 30 on 31st December 2014

Masters: aged 30+ this year

3. Team Age Groups. Members of the relay teams will be in the following categories:

Members can compete in 1 age group only.

Youth 16years boys and girls

Open men’s and ladies

Masters mixed

Please note: We have limited the age groups but as the event grows the age groups can be expanded.

4. Closing Date and submission of entries:


Please send all entries (Name, DOB, Age Group, M/F, Membership Number) to Dan Latham @ 



The entry fee will be £5 per person to help cover the hire of the swimming pool.

5. Heat Draws: All events will be decided on a heat-declared winner basis.

6. Club Helpers and Timekeepers: Each competing club must supply a timekeeper and an official/helper

7. Equipment: Clubs to bring their manikins, marked with the club name, 2 yellow tubes and their own fins, as well as a stop watch for the timekeeper.

8 Point scoring: Points will be awarded for the first eight places.

9. Events: The rules are as for Nationals but the events have been adapted to accommodate a 25metre pool.

10. Please give all your competitors a club code, code number needs to be marked on the competitors hand as the times are recorded by that number.

11. You will be able to get a car park ticket from reception for the 1st 3 hours, but after that you need to pay at the council machine in the car park.


Cornish Stillwater Events

75m Manikin tow with fins.

With Fins on, dive start – swim to shallow end, pick up and adorn rescue tube – swim back to collect manikin – tow to end of the pool – touch end of the pool to finish

75m manikin carry with fins

With Fins on, dive start – swim 50m – dive down to pick up manikin and carry to the end of the pool – touch end of pool to finish.

4 x 25m Manikin Relay

Competitor 1 starts in the water holding the manikin with 1 hand and the other hand on the edge of the pool – swims with the manikin to competitor 2 who is waiting in the water 1 hand on the side of the pool – the manikin is handed over – this is repeated to competitor 4 who swims the last leg – touch end of pool to finish.

4 x 25m Medley relay

Competitor 1 dive start – swims 25m – touch wall

Competitor 2 in water with fins – swims 25m – touch wall

Competitor 3 dive start with torpedo – swims 25m – pass torpedo to competitor 4 who is in water with fins on, competitor 4 tows competitor 3 to end of pool to finish.

Please Note

For those clubs who are new to Stillwater competition we will have trainers at the event who will demonstrate the technique and give your competitors guidance if they wish.