Extra Nipper Session for Competitors

From Wednesday 9th May, James will be starting an extra Nipper session at the club. This session is open to all nippers who intend to compete this year. (Unfortunately, those who are not eight year of age until 2013, are too young to compete this year).  The focus of these extra sessions will be training for competitions and those attending should still continue to come to Sunday morning sessions also. The cost of the session is £1 and this money will help to pay for nipper competition fees. All nippers attending this session will need to bring a parent/guardian who may be required to go in the water. As this session time runs alongside juniors/seniors, there will not be the full compliment of nipper officers to run the session, so it will only work if supported by the families of those participating. The time of this session is from 6pm and expected finish time is around 8-8.30pm.