Members of Hayle Surf Life Saving Club recently celebrated another successful year with their annual awards evening. Trophies and certificates were presented to members across all age groups including awards for enthusiasm, competition success, effort and fundraising. A special presentation was made to Dave Parker as he stepped down from the post of Club Captain after a record 20 years.

Sandhopper Attendance Boys 1= Ben Bauer / Oscar Riggall .3= Joe Parker / Matthew Sawyer
Girls 1. Tess Holtaway 2.Poppy Jacobs 3. Merryn Tredwin

Nipper Attendance Boys 1. Talan Eustace 2. Tristan Chapman 3. George Tsakiris
1. Holly Jenkins 2. Rachel Jenkins 3. Ruby Davies

Nipper Competition Points Boys 1= Luke Seaton-Whitehouse / James Belshaw 3. Isaac Aldridge
Girls 1. Holly Jenkin 2.Abby Jose 3. Rachel Jenkin

Best Newcomers: Drew Williams, Eve Penhaligon

Most Enthusiastic Nippers: Jake Gregor, Sophia Hallet

Most Improved Nippers: Owen Bristow, Hazel Long

Nipper Board Award: Talan Eustace, Eloise Quick

Nipper Captains For 2017: Jasmine Edwards, Charli Parker/ Olly Hallet

Nipper Shield: Abby Jose

Junior Endeavor Award: Kelsi Perry, Ellis Richards

Most Improved Junior: Ellie Runnalls, Kaswynn Eustace

Junior Shield: Otto Norris, Vicky Burlingham

Ski Progress Award: Theo Whitehouse

Junior Points 1. Vicky Burlingham 2.Kelsi Perry 3. Ellie Runnalls
1. Aeden McNamara 2. Reef Slack 3. Mawgan Peterson

Captain’s Cup: Traci Parker

Personal Achievement Award: Lewis Williams

IRB Award: Leanne McLean

Fundraiser Award: Tracey Jolly

Star Cup: Di Read

Community Cup: The Davies Family

Member’s Member: Tim Eustace


Most Improved Boy

This junior has been a member of our club since the age of seven. He enjoys taking out the paddle boards and is improving his skill, he has attended pretty much every swimming session, and this has shown in his swimming ability.

The Most Improved boy goes to
Kaswynn Eustace

Most Improved Girl

This girl has been a member of the club since nippers. During the last year, she has helped out, when needed, with the nippers and the sand hoppers.

She attended the Cornish championships for the whole weekend, even though she was only competing in one event, during this weekend she volunteered to officiate, which she did for both days. And she did an excellent job.

And she came home with a bronze Medal.

The Most improved girl goes to
Ellie Runnalls

Endeavour Trophy Boy

This boy always tries his best at competitions and training; he has improved his board skills and always has a smile on his face.

He is always willing to help carry kit and is a very polite member of the team

This year in competition, he found himself in an exceptional age group, but didn’t get put off or give up, which shows true character

The Endeavour Trophy for boys goes to
Ellis Richards

Endeavour Trophy Girl

This girl has shown some true grit and character this year, she is always keen to get out on the water, whether it is on the board or on the ski, whatever the weather or conditions.

The fact that she has been outnumbered by the boys and often the only girl at the session has not put her off.

She could have quite easily taken the easy option and join another club, just so that she can enter the team events.

But no she stuck with us, and for that I have huge respect

The Endeavour Trophy for girls goes to
Kelsi Perry

Ski Award

This award goes to someone who has recently started out on the ski but has got a natural ability like he dose to most things.

He always gives it a go, even if it means paddling out in the Cornish champs at Hollywell in bigger surf than what he is used too.

The ski award goes to
Theo Whitehouse

Competition Points Award for Girls:
3rd place: Ellie Runnalls
2nd place: Kelsie Perry
1st place: Vicky Burlingham

Competition Points Awards for Boys:
3rd place: Mawgan Peterson
2nd place: Reef Slack
1st place: Aeden McNamara

Junior Shield Boy

This boy has always had a great attitude to training sessions and is always willing to give anything a go. His board skills, in particular, have improved immensely.

He is always happy to help out with any event whether it is for the remembrances parade or a demo.

He loves helping out with the nippers and the sand hoppers whether it is at the pool or on the beach.

In fact he is happy to do anything which involves life saving and should be a inspiration for other juniors.

The junior shield goes to
Otto Noris

Junior Shield Girl

This Girl is quite happy to teach and pass down her skills that she has developed, whether it’s to the nippers, juniors or seniors
She has had a really good year on the competition front, even though she spent half of it getting over an injury.
Despite this she managed to pull through it and was selected for the England team and went on to compete for Hayle at the world championships in Netherlands and is part of the IRB team

The junior shield for girls goes to
Vicky Burlingham


This person is always happy to help out, if it’s just with transporting of equipment or helping out with the training session.

They can often be seen walking around ASDA on a Saturday night, collecting supplies for the next day.

This person is more known for her catering skills. She can often be seen upstairs buttering her baps.

She puts in so much time in running the BBQ this not only helps the nippers and parents of the club, but also raises much needed funds for the club

The star cup goes to the one and only
Diane Reed

HELEN BAGNALL Personal Achievement Award

Community Cup

The Community cup this year goes to family in the club that is always happy to help out with sponsorship, whether it is for the competition Tee shirts or IRB life jackets, it is always no problem, we really do appreciate the support that you give us,

It makes our lives so much easier, when people approach us for sponsorship, rather than us always chasing it.

The Community Cup goes to

The Davies family, South West Trowels

IRB award

This award goes to a new member of the irb team, they were roped in at the very last minute to be a casualty for irb racing, they are certainly made of strong stuff as they were not even put off when they got run over and covered in bruises from the pickups, all the training paid off and they even walked away from the national IRB champion ships with a medal.

The IRB award goes to
Leanne McLean


It is difficult to know where to begin, as this person puts so much into the club and so much into the training of others.

You all know how much work they put in on the beach and at the pool.

But, there is so much that goes on behind the scene that many of you do not know, if it’s just organising training sessions, sorting out information letters and team events, ordering clothing just to name a few, this person does it all

This person initially helped to set up our nippers, back in 1997, and has been a huge driving force of the nipper movement ever since

As some of you may know, I have now stepped down as club captain which i have done for the past 20 years.

I personally could not have done the roll as club captain for so long, if it wasn’t for the support I get at home.

Can you all be upstanding for

Traci Parker