Hayle SLSC are holding a club accumulator series over the summer. One Wednesday evening training session per month will be the race night.

On every race night there will be 3 events, the events will be decided on the night.


Events will include:

Board, Swim, Ski, Flags, Sprint, 1k Run.


Race Nights:

May 10th @ 6:30pm

June 14th @ 6:30pm

July 12th @ 6:30pm

August 9th @ 7:00pm

May, June and July will start at 6:30pm, August will start at 7pm. If Lifeguards are working until 7pm in August we will wait until 7:30pm so they can take part.

The Final Race will be on Wednesday 6th September at 7pm and this will be a Mystery event which will include a number of the above events in one single long race. This race will be worth triple points.

We aim to have each event (board, ski etc) twice between May and August. There are 6 events and we will hold 3 events per night



Each individual event will score points, 20 points for 1st place all the way down to 1 point for 20th place.

The September race will score 60 points for 1st place, 59 for 2nd, 58 for 3rd place etc.

Your top 10 events will add up.

So if you compete in every event at every race night your score will not count your worse 3 scores. So if you miss one race night all your other scores will have to count.

eg: If you don’t like Ski and your 2 Ski races score you your lowest out of all your events, the 2 times you did Ski will not count towards your final score, along with which other event that was your 3rd lowest score.

The Mystery Race on September will score triple points, so if you are in an age group with only 5 people and you come last you will still score 56 points.


Age Groups:

Junior (13-15)

Youth (16-19)

Senior (20-39)

Master (40+)

Male and Female categories in each age group.



No cost as this is a fun event, only open to club members and is included in our normal training timetable.