This weeks ladies paddleboard session – Friday 26th May

We will do 2 sessions like last week, the first one at 6:30pm and next one at 7:30pm.

You can come to either session, no need to book.

If you haven’t been to either of the 2 previous weeks you can still come along on Friday, as you will be able to do anytime over the summer.

It will be high tide this week and hopefully nice and sunny.

We would like this beginner ladies session to be fun and social, so this week we will have the BBQ going so please bring food to go on the BBQ, drinks and anything else you would like to eat or drink. The kitchen upstairs will be open so you can make a brew. We don’t have a license to sell alcohol but we are allowed to consume it on the premises so crack open the wine!

If you would like to carry on with the paddleboarding after 3 sessions you are required to join ‘Hayle SLSC’ so you are insured. This costs £50 for the year and the benefits are:

Fun, Fitness and enjoying the sea.

You can join in with any of the sessions the club runs which are: Fridays ladies paddleboard, Saturday morning 18yrs+ training at 7:30am, Sunday afternoon Junior/Senior training at 2pm-4pm, Monday evening Junior/Senior training 6:30pm, Tuesday swimming at Penzance Leisure Centre 8pm (£3), Wednesday evening Junior/Senior training 6:30pm, Thursday open water swimming (a beginner group will hopefully be starting in July) at 7pm. All the sessions are free (except swimming in PZ pool) and they cater for varying abilities with some more fun and others more fitness based. The full timetable is here:

We also run Beach Lifeguard courses which active members get to go on at very cheap rates. If you gain the Beach Lifeguard qualification and are a club member you can then get a ‘fob’ to use the kit in the store anytime you wish.

If there is enough demand and available coaches for any other sessions people would like, we will add them to the current timetable.

Membership forms are available at every Friday session.