Dear Parents/Carers,

For many of you, and your Nippers, this will be the first experience of a National Stillwater event. I thought it would be useful to make you aware of how it works…

The warm-up will take place, in the pool, at 8am so please be prompt with your arrival. This will ensure the experience is as stress-free for your child as it can be

Once you have arrived at the pool, it is a good idea to send your child straight over to Traci (Team Manager)so she can explain what the order of the day is. Your child may want to pair-up with a friend/friends so they can find their way around the building together with confidence.

Once the children are safely delivered to the Team Managers, they will be looked after by them for the day. Traci Parker is our Child Protection Officer. Any queries or problems, please see Traci.

The poolside has two galleries for viewing; one for the competitors, one for the parents/supporters. This will be kept this way by the competition organisers for the day. This makes it much easier for your child to enjoy being part of the team and keeps congestion on the competitors’ side to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see your child for the day, as they will be allowed to wander over to the parents’ viewing gallery in between their events. However, many of them would probably prefer to be with their team mates whilst remaining in the correct place, ready for their next event (ensuring they don’t miss their marshalling)!

Your child will be using a lot of energy during the day and will need to keep hydrated. Please ensure you pack plenty of fluids for your child to drink during the event. It is also a good idea to pack plenty of ‘snacky’ foods for your child as they will eat little and often, during the event. Many won’t feel like eating at all, due to nerves but it is very important that they do EAT! Please make sure they have their packed lunches with them, in their own kit bags, so they don’t need to wander across to parents every time they feel hungry!

Even with the best will in the world, these events often run over time and, on occasions, lunch breaks are not included or are simply scrapped as the day runs on therefore it is very important that your child remembers to eat when they get a chance to, in between their events.

It will be a long, but enjoyable, day for your Nipper and there will be occasions where they will be sitting around for long periods of time waiting to be marshalled. They will use this time to support their team mates or simply rest their bodies, ready for action!

You will be given a chance to take photos or videos during the event, however you will need to register your interest with the SLSBG child protection officer, and obtain a permission sticker.

If there is any other advice or information required, please contact Traci Parker on: 07771 975682 or 01736 755303

Have a great time all, and good luck!

Emma Tredinnick