A new venue for the Nipper and Youth National Stillwater Championships in Cardiff on 6/7 March 2010 was not enough to encourage more of our Nippers to take part in this years event but the extra travelling involved was probably the factor that discouraged their parents. The 18 nippers that did attend however, certainly did the club proud finishing in an impressive 6th place overall out of the 16 surf lifesaving and swimming clubs that took part, 2nd out of the Cornish Clubs and winning 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze medals. The 15 Juniors and Nipper/Juniors who took part in the Youth Nationals on the Sunday finished in 6th place overall out of 18 clubs that took part – one place higher than last year and 2nd out of the Cornish Clubs – with 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.
Nipper medal winners were: – Individual races – 8yr olds-Lewis King: Silver in Board race and Bronzes in Obtacle & Flipper races; 9 yr olds-Lilly Parsons: Gold in Obstacle race, Silver in Manikin race & Bronze in Flipper race; 11 yr olds-Morva Hughes: Gold in Obstacle race; 12 yr olds-Kathryn Onley: Bronze in Obstacle race; 13 yr olds-Brittany Smaldon: Gold in Flipper race & Silver in Obstacle race; Bethany Mead: Bronze in Manikin race. Paired events – Board Rescue: 10 yr odl girls – Milly Gordon-Dunn & Sophie Belvert; 13yr old girls – Gold -Vicky Burlingham & Brittany Smaldon; Tube Rescue: 11 yr old girls – Silver Morva Hughes & Toni Shaw; 13 yr old girls – Silver – Vicky Burlingham & Brittany Smaldon. Team Events – Manikin Relay (open) – girls – Gold – Brittany Smaldon, Vicky Burlingham, Bethany Mead & Isla Symons; Medley Relay (open) – girls – Gold – Brittany Smaldon, Vicky Burlingham, Morva Hughes & Bethany Mead.
Other team members were: – Niamh Symons, Esme Adams, Ethan Treloar, Stephen Lewis, Sam Smith, Freyja Adams, Liam Jolly & Vicky Burlingham.
Junior medal winners were: – Individual races – 13 yr olds-Brittany Smaldon: Silver in 100m Obstacle race & Bronze in 100m Manikin Tow with fins; 16 yr olds-Thomas Onley: Bronze in 200m Obstacle race. Team events – Under 14 Manikin Relay: Silver for Vicky Burlingham, Tegen Hughes, Bethany Mead & Brittany Smaldon; Under 16 Medley Relay: Bronze for Ben Jolly, Thomas Onley, Jordan Roberts & Matt Trewhella.
Other team members were: – Bethany Prisk, Lauren Kenchington, Daire Peters, Amy Jolly, Charlotte Sawyer, Emily Corin, & Nick Trestrail.
Thank you to everyone who helped out and gave their support over the weekend and to “new” Team Manager Alan Roberts and to Tina Hughes & Julie Burlingham who stepped into the breach when Traci couldn’t make it!
See photos of Juniors with their medals on slideshow page- nipper team photo on slideshow page.