Dear parents/ guardians

I am sorry to say that we are no longer able to take new children who are unable to swim 25m continuously. As you know, we do not usually accept children on the basis of their swimming ability, and we strongly believe that the first step towards safety at the beach is learning to swim, and that is a large part of what we’re about. The fact is that we simply do not have enough room in those groups for more children, and taking more on, would only detract from the high quality of teaching that we are currently able to provide.

As well as looking after our current members, we need to be fair to those on the waiting list. With this in mind, we are constantly reviewing membership numbers and attendance; it is not fair to take up a space and then not attend for training, when other people are waiting to get in. We will be managing the waiting list by reviewing memberships and attendance: children who miss more than 3 weeks in a row, without a valid reason, will lose their training place and will no longer be able to attend pool training until a place becomes available. Of course, any member losing their pool training place would continue to be a member of the club and SLSGB and could rejoin us when we go back to the beach, where there’s lots of room!

We understand that children may miss training for a whole host of reasons, including holidays, long-term sickness, swimming competitions, etc and would not want to alienate any committed member, for reasons outside their control. So, if you are unable to attend for more than three weeks in a row, please speak to Traci or another Nipper Officer – if we know, we can plan for it.

Managing a waiting list is not something we are happy to do, but it is necessary, as numbers continue to grow. Our waiting list is complicated by the fact that we have children across a wide age range (5-13) and spaces may be available in some age groups / abilities and not others. We have few 13 year old boys, for instance, and have therefore taken up their space with 11 & 12 year old boys. We are constantly juggling!

In short:

  • if you are a current member, who has paid their membership for this year, and you regularly attend training, your place is quite safe
  • if you already attend, but have not paid your membership, you need to do so, to secure your place. Alternatively, you can wait until the new year starts in January, but we cannot guarantee a place will be available then.
  • if you are unable to attend for more than 3 weeks in a row, please speak to a Nipper Officer
  • if you have friends / family members who would like to attend the club, please speak to a Nipper Officer first, to see if we have room in that group

We’re pleased to be so popular, and to see such enthusiasm amongst all of the ages, but especially in the sandhopper section. It was a really good year for sandhoppers on the beach, with great attendance and really keen children, so we are pleased to welcome these same children at the pool. I hope you understand why we feel we have to take these measures, and that we can count on your support. Any questions, or comments, please let us know.

The Nipper Officers & Sandhopper Coaches