We are starting the open water swimming group like we did last summer.

Training will be on Thursday evenings starting at 6:30pm from Hayle SLSC. The first session will be on Thursday 7th June.

This training is for advanced swimmers. Advanced does not mean super fast, but can swim front crawl (freestyle) 1k in open water out of standing depth on your own.

The training will have safety cover, but all swimmers need to be comfortable swimming in the open sea, sometimes several hundred meters from the shore in varying conditions.

The sessions will be dependent on tide and conditions, so we will probably get a lot of variation. Wetsuits advised and bright swim caps strongly recommended Some sessions might be around buoys from the beach, and others might be longer continuous swims.

There is no charge for this session but after 3 sessions if you wish to carry on you will need to be a member of Hayle SLSC which is £50 for the year, and then you can join in the other training sessions the club has.

Any questions email Phil on philneedham@hotmail.com or call 07758406561