Winter Classic Paddleboard Event Details

The Hayle Paddleboard Winter Classic is a Paddleboard surfing event that is open to Hayle SLSC members in the Junior, Senior and Master age groups. Its a fun event open to all abilities. The event will be held during normal Sunday afternoon club training time. The event will be held on the first date when conditions look good on either Sunday 29th Jan, Sunday 12th Feb or Sunday 26th Feb 2017.

What can I use?
Race boards (club or personal), or club rescue boards.

Can I stand up?
No. Waves will only be scored if you are kneeling or prone.

How will waves be scored?
The same as a surfing comp. Commitment and degree of difficulty, best maneuvers,
speed, power, flow. With a 1-10 score. Best 2 waves count for each competitor.

Priority: If someone is already riding the wave you cant catch that wave and cause
interference. No dropping in. If you drop in you will score zero.

Safety: Like all club training sessions all members are required to look out for each other
and it required call for assistance.