The standings after the 1st night of racing.

All the info of the races can be found here:

Next race is June 14th @ 6:30pm

EDIT (19/05/2017) - Its has been brought to our attention that we might have done the age groups slightly wrong. This will be changed on the next race and all the results will be adjusted.
JNR Name   Points Male/Female
  Reef Slack JNR 30 M
  Ben Friday JNR 27 M
  Lewis King JNR 23 M
  Otto Norris JNR 20 M
  Ross kealer JNR 11 M
  Connor Kealer YTH 30 M
  Vicky Burlingham YTH 28 F
  Kelsi Perry YTH 20 F
  Kathryn Onley YTH 18 F
  Phil Needham SNR 30 M
  Guy Botterill SNR 26 M
  Ben Holtaway SNR 25 M
  Andrea Harvey SNR 20 F
  Mike Friday MST 30 M
  Sean Kealer MST 9 M