Seniors (18yrs +) and Masters (30yrs +) have a new board session starting Sunday 29th September. Every Sunday afternoon starting at 14:30 will be the beginner session which will last only 30 minutes and is for people who have never paddled a board and would like to try it out and for those new to board paddling (not very fit or confident). This 30 minute session will lead onto the main session which starts at 15:00. If the sea conditions allow people from the beginner session can stay for the main session.

The beginner will involve learning how to paddle the boards, correct position on the board, catching small waves and some very low level fitness.

The Main/Advanced Board session will work on catching and going through bigger waves, with more focus on race practice and fitness training.

Both sessions will start on time so you need to be changed (in a wetsuit) and have a board from the board store out and ready to walk down to the sea at 14:30/15:00.

This session follows on from the Friday evening Ladies Board session and also allows the Gents to join in. Everyone Welcome. Matt and Phil will be coaching these sessions.