Dan Latham and Phil Needham were training on paddleboards on Friday 1st November during the big afternoon high tide in 3-4ft waves when a Hayle Canoe Club member got into difficulty. Dan spotted the gentleman waving for help out by the furthest river marker pole, while he was in the water and holding onto his waterlogged canoe. Dan quickly paddled across the river, and when he got closer could hear the man shouting for assistance. Dan got him onto his board and checked to see that he was OK. By this time Phil had seen what was going on and also paddled across the river to assist. Dan paddled the man back to a safe part of the beach on the Hayle side, while Phil towed the waterlogged canoe back to shore.

Phil and Dan are both local Lifeguards trained by Hayle SLSC.

Dan & Phil Rescue pan

Photo left to right: Phil Needham, Dan Latham. Photo by Will Clift