Monday 6:00pm board,

Tuesday 5:30pm board or ski,

Tuesday 8:00pm Swimming at Penzance Pool (non members welcome and its super quite in the summer so a great time to pool swim)

Wednesday 4:30pm board or ski and the 6:30pm normal training session,

Thursday 6:30pm normal open water swim session with board or ski available,

Friday 6:30pm Ladies Board,

Saturday 8am ski training from Hayle slsc clubhouse (not from north quay as the skis are at the club house now)

Saturday 8am Board training


All sessions from Hayle slsc clubhouse unless stated otherwise. Please be 15mins early so you are ready to start at the stated time.

If you want to practice open water swimming you can come to any of these sessions and do a swim. Phil Needham will be taking most of these sessions, if you have any requests let him know eg: race ski starts, board knee paddling, practice going around buoys etc. All abilities welcome.

Ladies from Fridays Ladies night sessions who are members are welcome to join in all of the above training sessions and compete. Members from past years who fancy competing again are welcome, come along or get in touch with Matthew Perry.

All masters need to come to the 6:30pm Wednesday session as we will be sorting out teams for the Cornish and National champs, if you can’t make it but wish to compete let Matthew Perry know. Total beginners are very welcome to compete (masters is 30yrs and above). Entries need to be sorted out this week so we can make sure everyone has the required competencies to compete. You don’t need any competencies to compete in the beach events.