Complaints Procedures
The committee and members of Hayle Surf Life Saving Club strive to maintain a family oriented club, where everyone is happy and their needs are met.  We do recognise, however, that there may be times when a member or their parent is unhappy and has an issue to raise.  Obviously, we would prefer to avoid issues coming up in the first place, but if there is something that you are unhappy about, there are procedures in place to deal with these problems.

If you have a child protection issue to notify the club about, or speak about, please contact Traci Parker (07771 975682) or Dave Parker (07967 213204), the club’s Child Protection Officers.

If you have an issue to raise which is related to a competition, please speak to the Team Manager on the day. Team Managers are likely to be:
NippersTraci Parker, Emma Tredinnick, James Burlingham
Juniors /Seniors /MastersAlan Roberts, Ben Holtaway, Dave Parker

For club session issues:
Sandhoppers Dave Parker
Nippers Traci Parker
Juniors/Seniors Dave Parker, Alan Roberts, Ben Holtaway

If your complaint is not answered to your satisfaction, please contact Graham Williams, Club Chairman, who will deal with the issue himself or through the club’s committee, as appropriate.  Please remember that all coaches, committee members, trainers, etc of the club are volunteers and verbal abuse of such volunteers will not be tolerated.

If you have a grievance against Surf Life Saving Cornwall or Surf Life Saving Great Britain it is, of course, your right to raise this directly with them (contact through their websites).  The committee would appreciate it, however, if you would either speak to a committee member first or copy your complaint to the committee. Responses to complaints are usually copied to the club committee and it would be useful to hear about it before it gets to this stage.

The committee, as well as all members, strive for a happy and safe environment to enjoy the beach and our sport – help us to maintain this by sharing ideas and suggestions.