We are always trying to let our members know about what training sessions are going on, so as many people as possible can get involved.

On average the Facebook feed only gets shown to 10% of the people who ‘like’ the Hayle SLSC club Facebook page, so we have used Facebook messenger for club communications for a while. A growing number of people don’t have Facebook messenger.

We are now going to use an app called Telegram, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, as well as Macs and PC’s. This is a test period and will only apply to Juniors, Seniors and Masters training. Nippers, Sandhoppers, and IRB will continue as they are at present.

Telegram will not be a chat group, it will be used for the coaches to send announcements so members can know what training is happening and when.

We will be using two channels, one for Juniors and the other one for Seniors and Masters. Download the app and use the link to join the channel which applies to you (or your child).

Juniors: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEWU7xz6J-_almFdag

Seniors and Masters: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEzRwaVYkb8pddpUWw