HAYLE SLSC Memberships for 2016

With Christmas fast approaching we realise that this is not the greatest of news but we do need to inform you that following the AGM, it has been decided to increase the Club memberships for 2016. This decision was not taken lightly but is necessary to help to cover:
a) the increase in your SLSGB individual affiliation fee for next year (£23 to £25) which we pay to them from your membership cost and covers each members insurance, which is vital and
b) our ever increasing running costs of the club to be able to maintain a high level of facilities i.e upkeep of equipment, new equipment, maintenance, training etc. We do also do a lot of fundraising within the Club which helps towards kit, competitions etc.
We hope that you will agree the membership, which runs from JANUARY 1st – DECEMBER 31st, is still excellent value for money considering the facilities that can be accessed within the club.
The fees are as follows:

NIPPERS —- £32.00
JUNIORS —- £40.00
SENIORS —- £50.00
FAMILY MEMBERSHIP —- £140.00 ( 4 family members joining at the same time i.e 2 seniors/2 nippers or 2 seniors/1 nipper/1 junior)
CLUB SOCIAL —- £20.00 (not affiliated to SLSGB / NO insurance )
Thankyou for your support and the committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you All A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Any questions or queries about membership/payment please ask.
Membership Secretary – Tina Hughes.